Our Vision

To cultivate a community of young learners who are inspired by the beauty of God’s truth, equipped with the tools of critical thinking, and driven by a passion for lifelong learning. We seek to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of classical education, instilling in our students a love for literature, history, mathematics, and the natural sciences, all within the framework of a Christian worldview. Guided by Biblical principles, BRAVE Academy aspires to develop virtuous character, nurturing the hearts and minds of our students to become resolute in their identity, authentic in their relationships and engaged in the mission of courageously transforming our culture with Christ.


History of BRAVE

Dr. Jeff Schwarzentraub with his wife Kimberly, sensing the Lord was calling him to plant a church in Denver, left the Midwest in 2010 and quickly formed a small core group committed to reaching the greater Denver area with the good news of Jesus Christ. The first service was held on November 7, 2010 at Cherry Creek High School. In 2022, through an incredible work of the Lord, BRAVE was able to purchase the North building where the Englewood Campus currently resides. In April of 2016, an additional campus was launched as part of a larger vision to plant multiple campuses throughout the front range, and in 2022 the Lord provided a permanent home for our Westminster Campus. Today, thousands of worshippers call BRAVE their home, both in person and online, and together they strive to glorify God by making BRAVE disciples.

Leadership & Staff

Excellent educators love their subject, their students, and the toil of the day and above all else love the Lord with all their hearts. At BRAVE Academy our faculty is united in mission and vision. Our leadership exemplify Christ by the pattern of their lives in and out of the classroom, love and know children, and are gifted and equipped to teach.



Statement of Faith

The Statement of Faith adopted by the Board of Directors of BRAVE Academy is limited to primary Christian doctrine, which is considered central to all Christian denominations, and which sets Christianity apart from other faiths. The corporation is based on traditional Christian and Orthodox beliefs and, therefore, believes it is best for all concerned that employment and admission be open only to those who adhere to traditional Christian and Orthodox beliefs. For our purposes a Christian confesses with his mouth and believes in his heart that Jesus is LORD; He died for her/his sins, and that God raised Jesus from the dead. (Romans 10:8-10.)


BRAVE Academy exists to raise young Warriors for Courageous Kingdom Advancement through the truth of Christ and Classical Christian Education.