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Alpha/Omega: Revelation 4 Family Devotional

Feb 23, 2021 | By Marsella Evans

I remember loving the series The Chronicles of Narnia when I first read them as a kid, and I still enjoy them now. The movies are fantastic too, and the castle Lucy, Peter, Susan, and Edmund rule from is breathtaking. The scene of celebration when the four rulers are crowned present a glorious throne room full of color and joy.

That picture of power and beauty is what I always pictured the throne room of God like, and He certainly will be celebrated and honored. The difference between the movie and heaven is that God is infinitely more praiseworthy and powerful than we could comprehend or put into a movie.

God is bigger and better than we can understand, and He wants us to have a glimpse of all that He is. The greatest joy of knowing God is getting to worship Him and bring Him glory. He calls us to worship Him now, but one day we will know Him in His fullness and worship endlessly the way that He deserves to be worshipped.

  • Worshipping God in heaven will be mind-blowing!
  • It is who we worship that matters, not how we worship.
  • Everything God made is for the purpose of worshipping Him.


Read Revelation 4. With younger children, read Revelation 4:2, 10-11

ASK Is God’s throne room more like our Church or the throne rooms we see on T. V.? What is everyone doing in heaven?


Grab some construction paper and cut it into the strips with triangles coming up from one edge. Tape it in a circle around everyone’s head to make a crown. Then draw a throne together, and tape it on the wall, putting your crowns underneath it.

SAY God is the only true King and deserves all of our worship. We are putting our crowns underneath the throne to remind us to put God first just like everyone will together in heaven.

DISCUSS Talk about the greatness of God and identify the crowns He has given your family in this stage of life. Set a goal to actively present those crowns to the Lord this week.

ASK What is it about God that makes Him our King?


Listen to the song Revelation Song by Kari Jobe

ASK What does it mean that God is holy? Have you ever felt shaken by God?


Questions for Younger Kids

  • Does heaven sound exciting to you?
  • How do we worship God in Church?
  • Can we worship God outside of Church?

Questions for Older Kids

  • What is the hardest part of this passage for you to picture/understand?
  • Is this the type of God you picture when you worship?
  • What can you do to worship God outside of Church?

Discussion Questions for Going Deeper

  • What type of God do people usually worship?
  • Can we worship God and be treat His people badly at the same time?
  • What types of worship are still honoring God but seem a little strange to our family? Should we still worship with people who worship like that?


Dear God, your name is that only one that deserves our praise and glory. Thank you for making a way for us to get to heaven and for being worthy. Fill our hearts with your power, and allow us to be witnesses for others of your greatness. Amen.