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Alpha/Omega: Revelation 5 Family Devotional

Mar 01, 2021 | By Marsella Evans

I will never forget the feeling of open my college acceptance letter to Colorado Christian University. It was held together by a sticker that sealed the envelope. Peeling that sticker off made it seem so official and exciting.

The stickers that sometimes seal our letters indicate a level of importance of what is inside. The seals remind others that it is intended only to be opened by the person it is for and that the information inside is special.

When we get to heaven, there will be a special scroll that has seven seals! The information is so specific and valuable that only Jesus can read it. The only person with the level of respect and power to deserve something with seven seals is Jesus!

  • Jesus is special because He is our redeemer.
  • All praise and power are only intended for Jesus.
  • Jesus is important because He is the greatest King of all.


Read Revelation 5:1-14. With younger kids, read Revelation 5:2, 9

ASK What is makes Jesus worthy? Is anybody more special to Jesus than anybody else?


Color one of these coloring sheets together.

SAY These sheets have a lion and a lamb on them, just like Jesus is called both a lion and a lamb in this verse and throughout the Bible.

DISCUSS Jesus is called a lion and a lamb in this passage because things they represent are similar to Him. He looks like a person but thinking of Him like these animals makes it easier to understand the way that He cares for us.

ASK How is Jesus similar to/different from a lion? How is Jesus similar to/different from a lamb?


Listen to the song “Only Jesus” by Casting Crowns.

ASK What is the most important thing for people to remember about us? Can we show people Jesus with how we live?


Questions for Younger Kids

  • Who is Jesus to you?
  • Is Jesus still in charge now?
  • Could we ever become like Jesus?

Questions for Older Kids

  • What does it mean that Jesus redeemed us?
  • Does it seem hopeless for Jesus to fix the world right now?
  • What is so important about praising Jesus?

Discussion Questions for Going Deeper

  • What do our non-Christian friends think about Jesus?
  • Do people ever use Jesus’ powerful name to lightly?
  • Is our government still under Jesus’ control?


Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus, so that He can redeem all your people. You are so worthy Jesus, and we praise you for being our King. Help us to worship you well this week so that other people can understand you. Amen.