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Alpha/Omega: Revelation 9 Family Devotional

Apr 13, 2021 | By Marsella Evans

My sister and her friends have a favorite saying, “I think it is fine.” They use this in all sorts of situations, usually to will away something that is not fine or should not be considered fine. It is their way of ignoring hard things to make them seem better, and usually them saying it is hilarious. The group laughs and a fun atmosphere is resumed.

This is helpful in certain situations because there is no reason to always be negative. However, if the hurt or fear a person is experiencing is avoidable, calling it fine prevents the good from taking over. As people, we tend to pretend things are fine even when God tells us they are not fine.

 God has given us His grace to save us from the pain caused by our sin, but still people sometimes do not turn to Him because they refuse to believe His salvation is what they need.

  • Some people do not accept that evil beings called the devil and his demons exist.
  • Some people do not accept that their mistakes deserve to bring them harm now and in the future.
  • Some people do not accept that repenting before Jesus is the only way to avoid the harm caused by our mistakes in the future.


*Use caution, this text is dark and could frighten children. It should in some ways frighten us all.

Read Revelation 9. With young children, read Revelation 9:20-21

ASK Do we deserve to experience the pain that is in this passage? Why would God want us to know what is coming for people who reject His love?


Draw a falling star together and talk about the beauty of stars.

SAY The devil was once beautiful and glorified like a star and so were humans, but we fell from that beauty when we decided not to follow God. The devil has fallen and he will be stopped by the Lord when the time comes.

DISCUSS Talk about the way life was supposed to be with God and the way God’s glory can shine through us even though we are broken people.

ASK Does God have power over Satan? Should we be afraid of him?


Questions for Younger Kids

  • How can we help stop people from ignoring Jesus?
  • What does repent to Jesus mean?
  • What should we pray for based on this passage?

Questions for Older Kids

  • What does it look like for us to fight against the devil?
  • Why do people have such a hard time repenting of their sins?
  • What does God call us to do about this passage?

Discussion Questions for Going Deeper

  • Is the idea that all people who do good things will be fine in the end loving?
  • Why does the Earth claim that so many things other than God are worthy of praise?
  • Do we tend to pretend God acts the way we want Him to instead of how He acts?


Dear God, we thank you for giving us the chance to turn to you in faith and escape pain. Help us to understand you better and recognize our mistakes. Forgive us for the ways we do not follow Jesus' example. Please turn the hearts of the lost to you and help us to share you with them.