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When you share this story with your kids, remind them that...

"Stephen was killed because he was a Christian. Jesus told His followers that they would be persecuted—hated, hurt, or even killed—for loving Him. Jesus also said that those who suffer for Him would be blessed. We can face suffering in this life because Jesus suffered first. He died and then rose again, and He is waiting for us in heaven."

Family Discussion Questions & Scripture Reading

Ask the following questions and discuss:

  1. What was Stephen accused of? (blasphemy, saying something untrue and dishonoring about God; Acts 6:11)
  2. What did Stephen preach about? (Stephen used Israel’s history to explain Jesus is the Messiah; Acts 7:51-52)
  3. What did the religious leaders do to Stephen as a result of his preaching about Jesus? (killed him, Acts 7:57-60)
  4. Have you ever faced persecution for your faith? Guide kids to think about ways they may feel persecuted. Be sensitive to their experiences while taking care not to minimize the harsh persecution Christians face in other parts of the world.
  5. How can we stand up boldly for Jesus in the face of persecution? Discuss the strength and power available to believers through the Holy Spirit. Remind kids that He can help us be bold in hard times. Encourage kids to trust God and have faith that He turns all things to good, even when we don’t see the good results.
  6. What should we do if we are persecuted? Talk through what Stephen did. Help the kids see that Stephen did not fight his enemies, but instead asked God to forgive them for killing him. Remind kids that Jesus promised troubles and persecution would come. Encourage kids to pray for boldness in hard times, not just for things to get easier.

SAY TO YOUR CHILDREN • Stephen preached about Jesus no matter what. We may not face the same kind of persecution. But whatever we face, trusting God is the best option. We can pray for boldness in the face of persecution and that God will use our trials to bless His church.


Unit 29 Lesson 2: Stephen’s Sermon