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When you share this story with your kids, remind them that...

"Many people rejected the good news about Jesus, but God had a plan for Paul to share the gospel with Gentiles, no matter what troubles he faced. Many believed in Jesus. The church grew and the gospel spread so that people all over the world could be saved from their sin by trusting in Jesus."

Family Discussion Questions & Scripture Reading

Ask the following questions and discuss:

  1. Who decided that Paul and Barnabas should go on a missionary journey? (the Holy Spirit, Acts 13:2)
  2. How did they people of Lystra react to Paul and Barnabas at first? (They worshiped Paul and Barnabas as gods, Acts 14:11-13)
  3. What did Paul and Barnabas do everywhere they went? (preached the gospel, Acts 13:38,49; 14:1)
  4. How should we react to those who reject Jesus? Guide kids to see that Paul and Barnabas preached to the Gentiles when the Jews rejected their message. Help kids understand that we are called to love everyone, even our enemies, but that when people reject the gospel, we can simply share with others, instead of taking it personally.
  5. Who will accept and who will reject the gospel? Lead kids to realize that we cannot know who will accept the gospel and who will reject it. That is part of the reason it is so important to share the gospel with everyone we meet. Only God knows who will and will not believe, and it’s not our job to cause people to believe, only to tell them the truth so they have the chance to.
  6. What should we do if we are nervous or afraid to share the gospel? Guide the kids to see that Paul and Barnabas preached no matter what hard times they faced. They were set apart for the work, and they prayed, worshiped God and fasted before going out. We too can prepare for life on mission by praying, worshiping God, studying His Word, and fasting.

SAY TO YOUR CHILDREN • Paul and Barnabas told Jews and Gentiles about Jesus no matter what trials they faced. And with the Holy Spirit’s power, we can boldly share the gospel.


Unit 32 Lesson 2: Paul’s First Journey