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Middle School Ministry

Grades: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

Mission statement: to develop, prepare, and deploy the future generations of BRAVE warriors for courageous Kingdom advancement.

There has never been a more crucial time to sow into the future generation of students. Every day they are bombarded with negative and anti-Biblical messaging from TV, social media, and public schools.

Here at BRAVE, we believe in sowing into and shepherding this future generation to effective instruments for Christ and teaching our students how to effectively be ON MISSION for Jesus Christ. 

In Luke 10 after the 72 disciples returned from bringing the Gospel to the lost, he declared, “I praise You, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants. Yes, Father, for this way was well-pleasing in Your sight.”

At BRAVE Middle School, we seek to equip future disciples with the necessary tools of Scripture to be prepared to face an increasingly hostile culture and declare victory in the name of King Jesus!

What we do

  • Build relationships with students.
  •  Shepherd young hearts to Christ.
  • Engaging meaningfully in the lives of students and families.
  • Have fun! (Games, small groups, camps, and mission trips are all in various stages of planning as the ministry grows!)

Leadership Roles

If you are looking for an opportunity to not only build and equip future generations but also develop as a leader yourself, we have a place for you!
Here in Middle School, we take leadership development seriously and have intentionally designed our team roles to facilitate, grow, and develop YOU into the leader that the Lord designed you to be. Fill out the application and select which role/roles you feel like the Lord is calling you to serve in!

  • Disciple (Co-Lead): The purpose of this role is to develop and grow a servant’s heart and assist in the regular rhythms of the entire ministry. This is a role that is specifically made to build YOU into a competent leader who embodies BRAVEs values and learn how to teach and shepherd students. You are expected to assist in all aspects of need for the ministry on that day/event. The goal is to keep this role with a specific small group IF POSSIBLE, however, this role is primarily to help fill gaps wherever they appear.
  • Small Group Leader: The purpose of this role is to facilitate and lead a consistent, grade and gender-based small group to help students to digest material taught in sermons and apply it directly into daily action. The small group leader is also required to help students who are struggling with aspects of the teachings as well as with general life (school, home, etc.) to apply Christian principles and BRAVE values. This position is seen as the "primary ambassador" for BRAVE to all students within their small group.
  • Small Group Coordinator: The purpose of this role is to coordinate small groups and small group leaders to facilitate a successful small group experience for the students. Every Sunday, the small group coordinator is to determine the appropriate number of groups to divide the students into with the appropriate number of leaders. The goal is to maintain group sizes that are both manageable for the leaders to control and create open environments for students. The small group coordinator is to be a flexible role with an angle towards coordination and administration of small groups.
  • Grade Leader: The purpose of this role is to oversee the general operations and monitor the health of an individual grade (6th, 7th, or 8th grades). You will be responsible for discipling, mentoring, and coaching small group leaders, small group coordinators, and small group disciples in your respective grade. You will also be involved in direct leadership decisions for the ministry. This job will be working very closely with the director and will function as an individual grade representative for both volunteers and students. As much as the small group leader is BRAVE’s ambassador to the students, the Grade Leader is the student and small group leader’s ambassador to BRAVE.
  • Worship Team: We believe wholeheartedly in singing and giving praises to the Lord every week we gather. So, we are looking for men and women (students included) who have a passion for worship ministry and want to serve students with their musical talents!
  • Welcome Team: If you have a gifting of hospitality and are known to “bring the energy,” this role is for you! The purpose of our welcome team is to be a part of creating a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for our students and for the students’ families to feel confident and excited about joining us whenever we gather. This does not have to be an exclusive role! We encourage all our leaders to serve on the welcome team periodically as well as in small groups according to your strengths and callings!
  • Creative and Audio/Visual (AV) Team: This team is one of the most VITAL areas of need for our ministry! Just like any full production church service, we run a system of lighting, audio, sound boards, and video/projectors! If you have a skillset or want to develop the skillset in this area, this role is for you! Whether you are a student or an adult, we’d love to have you on this team! And best of all! We will provide training from some of BRAVE’s very own and very skilled production team! No experience required, only a heart to serve!

Wherever you see yourself fitting best, we look forward to serving side-by-side with you as we grow and develop young minds and hearts for Christ Jesus!

Opportunity Details:

Ministry Area: Students
Days of the Week: Sun
Minimum Time Commitment: Once Per Month
Children May Serve with Parents: No
Youth May Serve: No