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The Kingdom Invasion

March 2023

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In This Series

Jesus Christ's Unique Ministry

Week 1 • 3/6/2023 •


This week we started a new series entitled, The Kingdom Invasion. We began this series by looking at Mark Chapter 1 and seeing ten of the reasons why the ministry of Jesus Christ was very unique. These ten words demonstrate that there is no one like ou...

Christ’s Power and Authority

Week 2 • 3/13/2023 •


This week we continued our series, entitled The Kingdom Invasion, by studying three powerful stories in Mark 5. Throughout the text we learned how Jesus Christ has authority and power over demons, disease and even death. As a believer, knowing about th...

The Training of the Twelve

Week 3 • 3/19/2023 •


This week we studied Matthew 10 and leaned about Jesus Christ’s first commissioning of the Twelve and the way in which He taught His apostles. Often, we read the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and falsely think that Jesus is now sending them out ...

What Does Jesus Want?

Week 4 • 3/27/2023 •


This week we continued our series entitled The Kingdom Invasion. First, we studied the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and His ministry here on the earth. Next, we looked at His powerful ministry over demons, disease and even death. We then saw how Jesus Ch...

Five Keys for Gospel Success

Week 6 • 4/16/2023 •


This week we discussed the Good News of the Gospel and how to be successful in sharing the message of Christ. So often as believers, the message of the Gospel is in our hearts but we neglect our duty to serve Christ as His ambassador. However, sometime...

Meeting for a Mission

Week 7 • 4/23/2023 •


This week we discussed the importance to challenge one another for the mission of Jesus Christ. The message was personalized to discuss how CADRES help us at BRAVE to connect with others for the purpose of obedience and mission. Throughout the message ...