Summer Seminary

Summer Seminary is an amazing opportunity for you to spend time strictly devoted to learning more about the Bible. What is the Bible? How can we trust it? How do we understand the Old Testament? New Testament? What are some helpful practices to study Scripture in order to hear from God and not read into the text? This will be a high overview, crash course on all things pertaining to studying the Bible. All are welcome but we ask for you to truly make this a commitment that is a priority this summer for you to grow and also to help others grow as well.

In order to participate and receive a diploma for completion of this course, you must be able to attend 75% of our meetings. We will meet every Wednesday, June 2 through August 11 with the exception of June 23 for the Mexico Trip and July 21 for High Five. You can choose to meet Wednesday mornings at BRAVE Church from 7-9a or Wednesday evenings at the Mackey house in Parker from 6-8p. Josh will provide meals weekly for those who attend. Even if you cannot make it every Wednesday, we would love to have you as often as you are able! Register and let Josh know if there are any weeks you will miss and we will plan accordingly. 

Josh will send out his address to those who have chosen Wednesday evenings before our first meeting!

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