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Standing Firm in the Face of Fear

You have been diagnosed with a disease that is worse than COVID-19. The Bible points out that every human being has contracted sin and it...

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Easter Sunday

This week on Resurrection Sunday, we looked in the Gospel of Mark to gain an understanding of how Jesus defined one of His followers. So ...

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The Savior Is Here

Jesus not only came to bring us eternal life, but he also provides us abundant life here on earth. His first miracle of turning water int...

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Our Call as the Church

In the great commandment of Matthew 22, what we see is that all of scripture finds it’s fulfillment through our love for God and our love...

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The Fall of Mankind

Genesis chapter 3 highlights the fall of mankind by showing how Adam and Even listened to the voice of satan rather than being obedient t...

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The Problem With Sin

There are three problems with sin that demonstrate our need for a Savior. In Genesis 3 we learned that although God created a perfect wor...

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