Courageous Kingdom Advancement

What is a Cadre?

A Cadre is a group of people set on mission. When Jesus came to earth on mission, he began a 'Cadre' of 12 disciples.

The impact of that first Cadre changed the world, and if we hope to do the same, we too much follow in Christ's footsteps.

Why Cadres?

BRAVE Cadres are specifically built to put in action the discipleship method that Jesus modeled throughout the Gospels, bringing the Good News of Jesus first to households, then neighborhoods, then regions, and finally to all the nations.

We Need You!

Cadres cannot exist without Cadre Leaders! We need leaders to rise up and be trained to lead a Cadre and make a tangible Kingdom impact, starting in Colorado. We are a church that has taken up the mission that Jesus gave in Matthew 28. We firmly believe that we will see our city, regions, and nation change and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. Let it start with us!

Our Cadre leadership training will teach you Cadre group methodology, how to effectively be on mission as a default lifestyle, and provide you with cutting edge leadership training. 

Come make an impact for the Kingdom by joining BRAVE Church as we do our part to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

I Want to Be A Cadre Leader

Our next Cadre Placement will be in Spring 2024

Keep your eyes open for additional information!
We encourage you to join a Serving Team in the meantime.

If you are interested in participating in our next Cadre Placement, please complete our Cadre Interest Form and we will be in touch with more information as the date approaches.

Register For Cadre Orientation

Find your city/zip code and register for one of the options for your community. Cadre Orientation is held for two Sundays, please plan accordingly to attend both sessions.