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What do You Say About the Word?

Finishing our SAY WHAT? series by asking the question, “What do YOU say about the WORD?” After studying the testimony of the Word, the te...

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What The Word Says About You

What does a worldview based upon God’s Word say about big life questions? While the world often guesses the answers to these most importa...

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What Does History Say About the Bible?

From internal and external evidence as well as in literature and archeology, the Bible is supreme among all books. The internal evidence ...

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What God Says About the Word

We continue to grow in our understanding of God’s Word by taking one step further and studying what God, Himself, says about the Word. We...

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What the Word Says About the Word

We begin a survey of the Biblical landscape on the veracity of God’s Word. Specifically, we begin to study, “What Does The Word Say About...

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An Introduction

The first message in our Alpha and Omega series helps us understand how God established the world and how He plans to restore the world i...

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