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Alpha/Omega: Revelation 11 Family Devotional

Apr 25, 2021 | By Marsella Evans

In the movie The Avengers, the moment of triumph finally comes at the end of the battle and the heroes receive the glory they deserve. Fear took over for a while, and there is some rubble lying around Iron Man and Captain America, but they fought the good fight and won in the end.
In real life, the world is going to get hard for a while, but the messengers of God will speak truth faithfully, and God will be glorified. There will be destruction, but the heroes will win out.
Even in uncertainty, we can be sure that God will always be faithful to fulfill His promises.

  • God will protect His people.
  • The forces of good will win.
  • God’s glory and kingdom will come down to Earth.


Read Revelation 11. With younger children, read Revelation 11:11-13.

ASK How does God choose to reveal Himself in this passage? What is the reaction of the people who see God’s faithfulness?

DISCUSS Talk about the times God’s promises have seemed not to come true and how we can wait for Him.

ASK What does it mean that God is faithful?


Questions for Younger Kids

  • What do you think of when you hear God’s kingdom?
  • How has God protected us this year?

Questions for Older Kids

  • How can we preach the gospel faithfully today?
  • Is there a part of this passage that is confusing or strange?
  • How does God protect us?

Discussion Questions for Going Deeper

  • Why do the enemies of the preacher’s fear God?
  • Does the response of others determine whether we preached the gospel well?


Dear God, please help us to speak about you faithfully. Give us patience to wait for your promises to be fulfilled. We trust you and know that you deserve the glory. Help us to bring you that glory. Amen.