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Alpha/Omega: Revelation 17 Family Devotional

Jun 06, 2021 | By Marsella Evans

I love bumper stickers, and I love people. It is awesome to see bumper stickers that support other people, but there is a common one that I see that says "coexist" on it and includes symbols of various world religions. Many people love the message, and it is cool looking. But it does not represent the call of Christians. We are called to love people of other religions, but our goal should be to wipe out all other religions by turning all people to Christ. We want Christianity to be the only religion to exist. Any type of worship that is outside of Biblical commands is false, and God will eventually end it.

  • False religions lie to people.
  • They seem good, but they will hurt their followers
  • They are about the self instead of about the one true God.


Read Revelation 17. With younger children, read Revelation 17:14.

ASK Why is this woman so damaging to the people she affects? Why is it grace for people that causes God to end false religion?


Listen to the song “More Like Falling in Love” by Jason Gray.

ASK What makes Christianity so different from other religions? How would Jesus interact with people who believer other things?


Questions for Younger Kids

  • Who is the lamb in this verse?
  • What does it mean to be called to follow the Lord?
  • Why are the people fighting against Jesus?
  • Who is the lamb in this verse?

Questions for Older Kids

  • What is the woman in the passage representing?
  • Why do people follow her?
  • How do we approach people who are following false religion?

Discussion Questions for Going Deeper

  • Why does the world treat Christians different from other religious people?
  • What does the world offer people to reject Jesus?
  • Why are all the world religions impossible to reconcile?


Dear Lord, thank you for stopping the evil of false religions. Help us to treat people with respect without affirming their belief in anything other than you. Please help us to worship only you and bravely stand up for you in a world that does not know you. Amen