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Alpha/Omega Genesis 1:1-27 Family Devotional

Sep 14, 2020

“Once upon a time…”

I love a good story, and almost all of the stories I heard growing up began with, “Once upon a time…” Storytellers for centuries have begun their stories with these famous words. What followed were stories of adventure, of danger and courage, of good and evil, and almost always of redemption. Every story needs a good beginning.

But the Bible doesn’t begin with, “Once upon a time...” The Bible begins with, “In the beginning…” What follows is the most miraculous story ever written, and it is all true. God created everything - the sky, the earth, the water, the plants, the trees, the fish and the animals - and He did it in only six days, by only speaking.

And then God created people! God created us. And He made us different from all of His other creations. God made us His special creations, and He loves us deeply.


Read Genesis 1:1-27. Pause after each day in the narrative and talk with your kids about their favorite things that God created on that day. For example, on the fourth day (Genesis 1:20) take a moment to talk about your favorite sea creatures and your favorite birds.


Supplies Needed: Play-doh or modeling clay.

TELL your children, “We are going to spend some time creating together! God made us in His image, and God is the creator. He gave us all a little creativity, too.”  

MAKE birds, fish, animals, planets, stars with your kids.  

TAKE the clay away from your kids.

SAY “Those are awesome creations. Now try making something without the clay… by just speaking.” Give your kids a minute to try to speak something into existence. 

DISCUSS how amazing God is. Spend time talking about how it’s impossible for us to speak something into existence, but how God can simply speak and create our world with its mountains, oceans, stars, animals, and fish.


Listen to the song “Sing” by Ellie Holcomb:

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Questions for Younger Kids

  • What did God use to create the universe?
  • What is your favorite thing that God created? Why?

Questions for Older Kids

  • Why is the creation narrative different than the fairy tales that start with, “Once upon a time…”?
  • What makes us different than the plants and animals that God created?


God, thank you for creating such an amazing world for us to enjoy. You are so amazing. You created the biggest mountains, the deepest oceans, and all of the wild creatures that live in our world. Thank you for knowing us and loving us. Help us to trust what Your Word says is true. Amen.