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MSM Forever Series: Week 4

Apr 22, 2021 | By Ben Worley

Forever - Hold onto God in times of uncertainty

Main Passage: Acts 16:6-10;16-24

Big Take-Aways:

  • Paul and Silas go where God is calling them and then get thrown into prison
  • In this time of uncertainty, they choose to worship
  • We are able to worship during these uncertain times
  • Whether that is singing, playing music, or journaling our prayers we can do these things to cling to God in times of uncertainty

3 Questions:

  • What were Paul and Silas uncertain about?
  • Is there something going on right now that you don’t know the outcome to?
  • What would help you hold onto God during uncertainty? (listen to worship music, journal, spend time with friends, praying as a family together)


  • Listen to music together - Try worshiping this week by just simply listening to a worship song as a family. (Good ones are The Blessing by Elevation Worship or Grace Came Running by 10,000 Fathers)