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BRAVE Church is starting The Virtues Campus!

Jul 07, 2022 | By Kent Shaw
The Problem: Most American universities have become corrupted:
• Suppression of opinion; censorship of ideas.
• Indoctrination not education. 
• Absence of Truth: utterly foolish and suicidal ideas.
• Unbearable student loan debt.  

The Solution: The BRAVE Virtues Campus 
Renewal of University Education as a source of pursuing truth and molding character.
• An integrated view of life
                            ■ Training the Intellect
                            ■ Building Character
• Faith is central to the development of moral character.
• Faith and reason are mentally reinforcing.   
• Faith and learning are complements. 

The How: A partnership between BRAVE Church and a Christian University.
• Earn an accredited two year Associates of Arts degree.
• Have a gap year opportunity with college credits for current high school graduates
• Provide an entire year of dual credit curriculum for senior high home school students.
• Hybrid education: students dual enroll.
• Monday, Wednesday, Thursday face to face classes at BRAVE Church.  
• Partner university grants transferable class credits for select courses taught on the BRAVE Virtues Campus.
• Students also take online courses from Christian University.
• Flexibility of the program allows students to work part-time.

For more information, contact Bob Rhyme
Cell: 303.883.4210