Child Dedications

Here at BRAVE, we dedicate our children to the Lord, believing that as the family of God, we want to see them come to know the Lord Jesus personally one day. If you have a child, or children, that you would like to dedicate to the Lord, please sign up for your desired campus and we will contact you with details.

Next Service: Sunday, May 12, 2024

Who: Parents with children, who would like to dedicate them to the Lord.

What: A special dedication portion of our weekend service for parents, friends and family. Parents will be invited on stage with their children for a special moment of prayer and dedication. 

When: All dedications will take place during Sunday services at all campuses. 

Note: In order to help maintain flow of our services, and in the interest of time, we cannot guarantee a service time. Once you register someone will reach out to discuss details (including service times). 

*If you are currently pregnant and due by the time of dedications, you are welcome to register for this event. You will be required to provide the photo for the service as soon as possible, should you participate. No applications will be accepted after May 5.