Fundraising Opportunity View

BRAVE will be going to Maputo, Mozambique at the end of April 2023. We will be building off the trip we took to Tanzania in Fall of 2022. We will again partner with a Church planting leader to purchase land and build a building that can be used for income to support the ministry. The Pastor we will be working with leads more than 20 churches through the whole country. BRAVE has been involved with this ministry for 5 years now. We will also be doing evangelism and training for Pastors and Leaders.

Pastor Calmito leads close to 30 churches in Mozambique. His base is the capital city of Maputo which is in the south of the Country. This is where we will be serving. He has planted churches throughout Mozambique and also has made inroads in the North which is Muslim controlled and is literally the 'Wild West'. The support we will be providing for he and his family allows him to minister in the whole country as a Leader of Leaders. We will be building 'Spaza' shops which he can rent out to provide income for his ministry and for daily needs. We are building on the success of our last trip this last year in Tanzania. In addition we will be hosting a Women's conference, a Children's program, a Church Leader training and also will be doing street evangelism.