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Mission Statement: Connecting the people of God to the community and Word of God through digital and print media.

If You Enjoy

  • Online Customer Service
  • Graphics, design, and page layout
  • Project management
  • Digital, web, and social media
  • Writing, proofing, editing, and content coordination (online and off)
  • Photography
  • Video

Writing, Editing & Proofing Team: Proofing, copywriting, editing and content coordination for promotional pieces, web pages, email, and other informational pieces. Bring a strong BRAVE voice of clarity and simplicity to the church's messaging.

Graphic Design Team: Graphics, design, page layout and project management for series promotional pieces, special events, and web projects. Balance form and function to meet objectives and move people to respond.

Web & Social Media Team: Digital, web mobile technologies, and social media advocacy. Promotion and social media interaction happen daily on most major social media outlets. The team works to make online experiences great by making life easier for online users.

Photography Team: Capture moments from the life of the church through compelling photography that can be shared in a variety of channels including weekend services, social media, print, videos, and more.

Video Team: Do you have a passion for crafting stories and capturing events through the medium of video? What about being on a team that creates video content that you see every month? Do you have experience in any aspect of filmmaking? If this sounds like you, maybe this is your team!

Opportunity Details:

Ministry Area:
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Minimum Time Commitment: Once Per Month
Children May Serve with Parents:
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