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Memoirs of a Prisoner of War (Philippians)

May 2020

Christians are a people who are at odds with the world. What we value, who we serve, and how we live our lives are in opposition to everything we see around us in our culture. Things weren’t much different in Paul’s day when he wrote his letter to the Philippian church. A fact made abundantly clear by the fact that Paul was in prison as he was writing to this young church. And yet in spite of the most difficult of circumstances, what we see in Philippians is a letter to press on in the work of the Lord, and in the end find contentment in serving Him with our whole lives.

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In This Series

Our Practice as a Pray-er

Week 1 • 5/10/2020 •


Spending time in the presence of God changes us. When we go to God in prayer, we become humble because we realize we are nothing more than willing slaves for His glory. Yet, at the same time, we are saints of God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ....

Your Practice as a Proclaimer

Week 2 • 5/17/2020 •


Answering four questions addresses how we can share the Gospel more effectively. There is more to the Gospel than simply passing out a tract or sending an email. Your very life communicates the very message of the Gospel. Even when the answers to thes...

Your Practice as a Prophet

Week 3 • 5/24/2020 •


How can we grow our prophetic voice so that we are actually able to "talk our walk"? In other words, what are the necessary foundations for us to be able to speak up in a situation and have our words matter? The Apostle Paul never had to change his mes...

Your Practice as a Pastor

Week 4 • 5/31/2020 •


We know Paul, as a pastor for the church in Philippi, wanted his people to understand their identity as Kingdom citizens. Being persuaded by the media and current circumstances can deflect what is most important. It can also cloud your relationship to ...

Our Attitude Towards Serving

Week 5 • 6/7/2020 •


In our society, being a servant can often become about comparison. In other words, it’s easier to judge the service of others rather than allowing God to earnestly show us our own hearts. Becoming a servant for Jesus Christ involves resting in our iden...

Our Attitude Towards Humility

Week 6 • 6/14/2020 •


Jesus Christ modeled humility by leaving the glories of heaven and taking on human flesh for eternity. He became obedient to death on a cross for the sins of the world. The incredible model of humility demonstrated from our Lord Jesus Christ should mot...

Our Attitude Towards Spiritual Growth

Week 7 • 6/21/2020 •


All of us as believers in Jesus Christ desire to grow in Christ and have more of His life living in and through us, but rarely do we understand the metrics on whether or not we are growing. In Philippians 2:12-18, we learn what God sets forth as a stan...

Our Attitude Towards Significance

Week 8 • 6/28/2020 •


Many believers know that they should experience their deepest significance from Christ but are still trapped by the temptations in our world that encourage us to find our significance elsewhere. The attitude we should have towards significance should r...

Focusing on Your Fellowship with Christ

Week 9 • 7/5/2020 •


Our fellowship with Christ is a relationship that must be nurtured and cultivated. Our walk with Jesus Christ is not some mechanical set of principles to ensure that we will arrive in heaven; instead, it is a relationship that continues to grow if we d...

Focusing on Finishing Well

Week 10 • 7/12/2020 •


It doesn’t matter how you start, it is how you finish. Clearly, we know that we have reached the finish line when we meet Jesus Christ face to face. The challenge today is that too many believers simply assume that finishing well is a guarantee, but th...

Our Thinking: Consumed with Joy

Week 11 • 7/26/2020 •


The Apostle Paul writes from a prison cell to let us know that joy is not just an idea but a reality for those who know the person and work of Jesus Christ. In seasons of difficulties and uncertainties, sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain our jo...

Our Thinking: Consumed with Peace

Week 12 • 8/2/2020 •


In a world that causes uneasiness, worry, doubt, and fear, and it important that we trust God for His leading in our lives. As believers, we have the ability to be consumed by Christ’s peace in any given moment. This is because peace is not the absence...

Our Thinking: Consumed with Contentment

Week 13 • 8/9/2020 •


In our world, at times, we begin to think “if only” we could change our circumstances; our feelings on the inside would change as well. However, the reality is that at any time, we can experience the presence of Christ and be content no matter what sit...