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The Kingdom Embassy

September 2021

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Getting Started

Week 1 • 9/20/2021 •


In the same way it’s important for us to check God’s Word so that we understand all that God intends for His church rather than relying simply on our opinions and preferences. A Biblical understanding of the church is foundational for us because Jesus ...

Trust the Gospel

Week 2 • 9/27/2021 •


While many people hold onto politics, money, prestige and influence the Word of God instructs us to trust Jesus Christ and His gospel. The gospel is not simply a set of beliefs to get a person into heaven. The gospel is a profound mystery of Christ in ...

In the Glorious Battle

Week 3 • 10/3/2021 •


Although we only looked at three verses they provided insight into how we can continue forward in our relationship with the Lord. As the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy we hear His heart for being bold and resolute in His ministry for Christ even though ...

Prioritizing Prayer for the Lost

Week 4 • 10/10/2021 •


Praying for the lost to hear and experience a witness of the Gospel is of primary importance in the local church. Sometimes as believers we set up fences between ourselves and believers and instead of praying for them to hear the Gospel we fight them o...

God’s Design for Women in the Church

Week 5 • 10/17/2021 •

Since God has established His church to reflect the values of the kingdom on planet earth it would benefit us to honor His Word in every way. As we study gender we understand that God is creator of human beings and the designer of male and female as th...