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Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel Graham



"Where can I take one step towards serving others within my church?" This is the question Rachel Graham from our Englewood campus, asks herself regularly. But it doesn't stop with just a question; it becomes an action. She takes that step right here in our BRAVE Church community.

With her husband of fifteen years, Arick, Rachel serves as a small group leader and as the 2nd Grade team lead for BRAVE Kids. She is a mother of five children, a host of pets, and teaches homeschool, all while being a fierce advocate for foster care. In her "spare" time, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities with her family, brunch, and working out, not necessarily in that order.

Racael1319.jpgRachel is passionate about helping in the local church to grow both personally and see others mature in their faith. The relationships created through her commitment to the BRAVE Kids ministry and small group leadership has been invaluable. Loving on kids as they sing fun songs, act goofy, and ask tough questions is only a small part of what she does. She explains that "children's ministry is not 'little church'; it is THEE church." Her call to serve is an obedient response to God's Word and His strategy for spiritual growth.

One of the best parts about seeing fruit in the lives of those she serves is the personal insight she gains. "I've learned I have a lot to learn. I have also learned that we ALL have a desire to be known." The best way to be known is to get to know others. She encourages everyone who calls BRAVE home, to find a place and get involved. You can follow Rachel's lead by growing in community and walking out the good works prepared for you. There are treasures for God's people within the local church. Just ask yourself, 'Where can I take one step towards serving others within my church?' and then do it.

Get to Know Rachel

Dream Vacation: Depends on who’s paying. Europe or Hawaii
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Sorbet please, lemon or raspberry!
Favorite Sports Team: Colorado Rockies
Favorite Board Game: Ticket To Ride
Favorite Book: Any historical fiction or memoir
Favorite TV Show: Real Crime dramas
Favorite Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:10

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