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Built to Last

February 2024

We're going to start a new series today called Built to Last. How does God want to build the things in our life that stand the test of time? How can God build the things that really endure? And when we talk about the eternal God of the universe, what God wants to build are eternal things. If you've ever been like me where you've purchased something that you think is going to last and it doesn't last or you can't keep it together, it's like, "Ah, it was built wrong." God wants to build that which is lasting.

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In This Series

Forward Progress

Week 4 • 3/10/2024 •


This week's sermon stresses serving God wholeheartedly and working together as a church. Pastor Jeff emphasizes worship, commitment, and humility using Nehemiah's rebuilding of the wall as an example. Believers are urged to serve without delay or seeki...

Increased Opposition

Week 5 • 3/17/2024 •


This week's sermon focuses on how Christians face more challenges as they grow in faith. When opposition escalates as we following God, it should encourage our reliance on prayer and wisdom and emphasizes the importance of standing firm in faith despit...

Missional Momentum

Week 6 • 4/7/2024 •


This weeks sermon emphasizes preparing Godly families for opposition, rejecting fear by trusting God's power, adapting tactics to reach people in the current culture, and encouraging unity and wholehearted participation in missions. Pastor Jeff uses Ne...