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How to Defeat Temptation


9/17/2023 Jeff Schwarzentraub James 1:13-18

This week we continued our series in the book of James and learned How to Defeat Temptation. While God is the One who authors and allows trials in our life for spiritual maturity, the enemy attempts to get us to veer off course by using temptation. This temptation is nothing more than trying to get us to fulfill a good desire in an ungodly way. Temptation is always a short cut that may seem okay at the time but leads to sin and ultimately death. When we give into temptation, we can never be living the fullness of what God requires of us and desires for us. The reality is that God is good, abundant, and lavish and will not withhold His best from us. The enemy, on the other hand, lies to us about God’s character and attempts to have people believe that lie. When we ruminate on the lie then we get discouraged and frustrated, which often leads to taking the bait of temptation. Since temptation is pervasive, we must be aware of where it originates, its deadly effects, and how we can live victoriously. May this week’s message be an encouragement to you.

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