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Staying Strong After Your Fast


1/29/2023 Jeff Schwarzentraub Matthew 4:1-11

This week as a church we ended our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. It was such a joy to know that so many different people had participated in a variety of ways. Seeking the Lord is such a blessing, but as we know, for every spiritual high there can be an equal spiritual low. The more you desire to see the face of the Lord the more opposition, resistance and temptation you will experience. For these reasons we studied what Jesus experienced after His forty day fast in the wilderness. Although Jesus Christ is God and it would have been impossible for Him to sin, we can learn much about how He handled temptation. As believers, we now have Christ living in us and therefore can allow Christ to live in and through us when we experience temptation. As you study the strategic work of our enemy, it is important to learn when, where and how you are personally most vulnerable for attack. Also, it will help to know what to do when you experience temptation and opposition. Speaking God’s Living and Active Word is a cure for all that comes your way. May this week’s message be a strong encouragement to you.

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