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The Humiliation of the Incarnation


2/27/2022 Jeff Schwarzentraub Hebrews 2:9-18

In this message, we discuss the incarnation of Jesus Christ and the humility He endured on our behalf. Jesus Christ, as the second person of the Trinity, has always existed and yet just over 2000 years ago He put on flesh and became a man. In humility, Jesus Christ came to earth, fulfilled the law, died on the cross and rose from the dead so that we who have sinned and are deserving death may be completely forgiven and may experience the Life of Christ. While many Christians understand the concept of the incarnation many have not spent the time growing in an understanding of the humility of what Christ endured for us. The author of Hebrews wants us to understand that Jesus Christ was willing to be humiliated so that we could be in a right relationship with God. As you listen to this message and engage with the questions below may God give you a greater awareness of all of His work to demonstrate His love for you.

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