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Authentic Worship


5/8/2023 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 30-31

This week we studied Exodus 30 and 31 as God gave further instructions for how the tabernacle was to be erected. As we continue to learn about God’s dealings with Israel, we see just how important it was for His people to understand how to worship Him. In this section of the Scriptures, we learned five ways of being an authentic worshipper. This was not a message about style and structure but rather what was needed in the heart of a worshipper of God. These five truths about authentic worship will be helpful to the new believer as well as to the seasoned veteran in their faith. Until we meet Jesus Christ we can continue to grow in our knowledge and ability to worship the Lord. May this week’s message and the following questions encourage and challenge you to grow as a worshipper of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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