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The Appetite for Idolatry


5/21/2023 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 32

This week we discussed the appetite that we have for idolatry. God’s greatest desire is to be worshipped because He is the ONLY ONE worthy of our best. This is why the first commandment begins with the law to worship the Lord your God and serve Him only. The second commandment builds off the first that you should have no graven images. This means that God is to be completely worshipped and there should not even be a hint of giving our allegiance to someone or something other than God. Israel had experienced the power, protection, provision, and the presence of God throughout their journey and yet still they fashioned a golden calf to worship in their own way. While we may not worship a cow or something made of jewelry, we do have a proclivity in our sinful nature to find something convenient and self-serving to worship. In Exodus 32 we learn about this appetite for idolatry so that we can avoid it all costs. May this week’s message help you grow in your love and adoration of our great God.

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