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Pleading for God’s Presence


5/28/2023 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 33-34:9

This week we discussed the importance of God’s Presence and what is required for us to experience Him. Instead of religious rituals and routines we must experience God’s Presence to accomplish God’s purpose. So often, we rely on leadership seminars, self-esteem boosts, and self-help guides rather than the very presence of God. The reason people are leaving the church in droves and many people say that Christianity is a myth is because the Presence of God is lacking in our lives and in our ministries. There is a major difference between seeking God’s blessings and favor and seeking God Himself. May we be a people who seek the face of God rather than the hand of God. May Jesus Christ be high and lifted up and exalted in our lives! As you listen to this message, ask yourself what changes you may need to make for the Lord’s Presence to be manifest in your life.

Message Notes