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God's Gracious Provision


12/12/2022 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 15:22-16:36

This week we studied the beginning of Israel’s journey with God through the wilderness. Following an amazing spiritual victory on the banks of the Red Sea, Israel celebrated with praise to the Lord lead by the men. However, it only took three days until Israel was frustrated again with the fact that they were thirsty and there was nothing to drink. They grumbled against Moses for being a poor leader and yet God graciously provided for them anyways. God is so merciful that He is always providing, however He was teaching Israel what they needed to do in order to experience His ongoing blessings. In the section of Scripture God was helping them understand what His requirements were for His children to continue to experience His best. If we want to experience God’s gracious provision in our lives, He has given us the instruction necessary for us to obey. May this week’s message speak clearly to you as you continue to seek the Lord.

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