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Experiencing God's Glory


6/11/2023 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 35-40

This week we concluded the book of Exodus as we learned how to experience God’s glory. God’s purpose in delivering Israel out of the bondage of Egypt was not simply to get them to the promised land. God’s purpose was so that He could dwell with them. Early in the book He demonstrates His sovereignty and power as He plans and executes the delivery of the nation. As Israel meets at Mt. Sinai, they learn that God has a way that He desires them to live so that He can dwell with them. God’s desire has always been to have a relationship with His people and not just be distant. We see the fullness of God’s love for us in sending Jesus Christ to the world so that he could “tabernacle” among us. God still wants to dwell with us and live with us as we journey through life. May the conclusion of this series in Exodus help you walk out your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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